Surf-garage outfit Johnny Kills are back with a new single, ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’, follow-up to last June’s debut ‘Let’s Talk About Me’. The four-piece keeps working on their signature sound on a track that is all “about self-inflicted boredom and the guiltiness it brings – feeling guilty about doing nothing and thinking that you should do something, anything, but having almost no motivation to do it”, lead vocalist Tim explains.

The new number, produced by Alex Greaves, at The Nave studio in Leeds, encompasses splashes of surf rock and hints of psych-pop and is out today, self-released via Johnny Kills Records.

Feeling bored? Tune in now, and listen to this brilliant Johnny Kills’ track. And if you fancy seeing them live, London’s The Old Blue Last will host them on September 15th: it’s free.

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