Shogazey with an edge of dream-pop Thyla are going to the Brighton indie scene on fire with their brand new cut, ‘Pristine Dream’. The follow-up to last May’s ‘Ferries Wheels’ is an anthemic concentrate of indie guitars, euphoric choruses and a vocal line that draws immediate comparisons to somewhere between Cocteau Twins and Sky Ferreira, in all their splendour. Frontwoman Millie Duthie, in particular, takes centre stage in a track that marks an astonishing step forward for an outfit now set to rise even further.

Discussing the release, the band stated: “‘Pristine  Dream’  celebrates  the  wonky,  left  field, against  the  grain  individual.  It’s  about  inviting  people  into  the  dark  corners  of  your  psyche and  apologising  for  nothing.  The  track  is  essentially  a  pop  anthem  for  the  statement: ‘The only things you regret are the things you don’t do'”.

Listen to Thyla’s exquisite new number below here.

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