Rreading-based indie rockers Palm Honey are back, and this is a sweet news. Their new cut, ‘Hot Simian Weather’, follows-up to the release of their EP ‘Tucked Into The Electronic Wave’ at the beginning of the year, and it’s an eclectic psychedelic take accompanied by a strange music video.

The new track sees the band continuing their experiential journey. They play with krautrock, including simple elements such as ostinato drum riffs, a sharp bass-line, robotic synth hooks. Some sort of anxiety fills the atmosphere of a number that makes its distorted vocals stand out in a cry for help and lyrical nonsense. The video, directed by Patrick Taylor, summarises in three minutes a slightly nauseating and grotesque relationship between a deformed young man and his girlfriend. “The concept for the video was to portray a mismatched couple that, despite physical differences, were somehow made for each other”, says Taylor. “By the video’s end, despite their unorthodox way of living, my hope is that viewers will eventually warm to the characters in what is actually a very intimate and tender moment between two people.”

Watch the visuals and listen to Palm Honey’s ‘Hot Simian Weather’ below here.


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