It’s time for some new music and Indie + Tonic is extremely proud to premiere the newest single released by Brooklyn post-punk duo rockers NØMADS. Their new instalment, ‘Megalophobia’, is part of the conceptual album ‘Phobiac’, due out in 2018 and which will be split into two EP’s, Part 1 and Part 2.

The follow-up to last month’s ‘Dementophobia’ is an instrumental and more experimental track, that encompasses all the elements typical of the Brooklyn duo, comprising of Nathan Lithgow (My Brightest Diamond bassist) and Garth Macaleavey (technical director at National Sawdust), joined here by Brian Wolfe (drummer from David Byrne & St. Vincent and Sufjan Stevens).

‘Megalophobia’ marks the first track off of ‘Phobiac’ EP Pt. 2, describes the fear of large objects. Our cities and the modern environment in general are filled with taller and taller buildings, as well as our skies are filled with massive and powerful airplanes and our highways with 20 foot tall tractor trailers. How does it feel, to be constantly reminded of our own insignificance and fragility in the universe? A rampaging robot is trouncing here through city streets, creating destruction and and panic with each lumbering step.

NØMADS bring to our ears a captivating conceptual project, that moves through our hidden fears. Their sound is sharp, it grows slowly and will pin you down for three and a half minutes.  Premier ‘Megalophobia’ below here.


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