Meet False Priest, alt-rock outfit from the Bay Area who have just released ‘I Would Like To Speak In Tongues’, their second single, taken from the debut album ‘Driving In Circles’, due out on September 22nd, self-released digitally and on tape.

The new track is the follow-up to ‘Let Me Be Your Mother’ and it features Everyone Is Dirty’s Sivan Lioncub on violin. In ‘I Would Love To Speak In Tongues’, premiered by The 405, False Priest merge alt-country with a pure guitar-driven indie rock. The band play just over four minutes of polished rock, creating an atmospheric soundscape tha pairs with a sharp lyricism.

“If it meant I would never hurt another one that I love
I would give up my body to the powers above
Let them control my movements like a hand in a glove
But even then, I would still worry about the harm that I’ve done”

Listen to False Priest’s new number below here.


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