Thomas Savage, aka Vilde, is back with a new number. The Stockholm-based alt-pop artist has just released ‘Stimuli’, which follows up to last April’s ‘Maintain’ and the latest offering ‘Floodgate’.

The new number is part of ‘Study Dance’, Vilde’s forthcoming album, a creature that is taking shape through monthly releases. Says the ex-Kin’s frontman about ‘Stimuli’: “It’s the materialisation of a slight identity crisis combined with falling into an odd kind of love. It’s a real mess, pretty weird, quite honest and fairly loaded. I love how it’s such an accurate embodiment of everything I felt at that time. I couldn’t make it again. I really wish I could remember how I came up with the time change from verse to chorus.”

Vilde’s new single is soaked in glitchy electronic drum patterns and sharp riffs, blent together with infectious choruses. Listen to the new track below.

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