Meet OxenFree, indie/garage rock band from Brooklyn, comprised of Christopher Burns (drums), Sam Ghitelman (guitars) Sean Padden (basses), and Emilie Soffe (vocals and keys). They have just released ‘Garbage Collector’, taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Another Land’, due out on October 13th via Sneaky Bear Records.

Soaked in indie rock and garage sharp and fast guitar riffs, the track moves quickly through dusty soundscapes and showcases the soul of a band who wrote their new EP largely on the road last summer, debuting early iterations at Savannah Stopover and SXSW Festival in Austin earlier this year. “‘Another Land’ isn’t a political album. – stated the band about the release –  It’s a depression album, written as society moved backwards last year. One of the worst things about getting older is discovering the world is a truly beautiful place run by killers.”

A punchy rhythm section stands out throughout the whole track, creating a sense of urgency that is likely to represent the main hallmark of a much anticipated extended play. Listen to ‘Garbage Collector’ below here and watch its animated video.

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