Toronto’s own Weaves have follow up to their recent new single, ‘#53’, and release today their brand new instalment, ‘Walkaway’. The new single is taken from the forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Wide Open’, set to be released on October 6th via Buzz Records/Kanine/Memphis Industries.

The track is accompanied by a video – directed by the band’s guitarist Morgan Waters – that pictures the band between dry countryside landscapes and a house, with a final bonfire that pairs with the poppy chorus of the song and better explains the sentiment of the lyrics. Says vocalist Jasmyn Burke about the track: “It’s a song about empowerment and finding light in the darkness. This is a reflective song in tone and at the time I wrote it I was stuck in a moment of having to make a decision to stay or leave an unhealthy situation. It’s okay to admit that we’re vulnerable and having a hard time and sometimes you have to just walk away.”

Watch the video for ‘Walkaway’ below here. Weaves’ LP2 is now just over a month away. And we can’t wait for it.

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