Brooklyn-based duo NØMADS have just shared their new instalment for August, as part of the project that’s bringing to life the album ‘Phøbiac’, to be released in two separates halves between this October and March 2018. The new track it titled ‘Phasmophobia’ and explains the fear of ghosts.

The phenomenon of paranormal experiences presupposes a duality of time between the past and the present; a figure existing in both the past and present planes. Phasmophobia is often confused with spectrophobia, a fear of mirrors or reflection, which is interesting in that a ghost is in essence a reflection of a past reality. The song is accompanied by a video recorded live in Pittsburgh by Steven Foxbury, and shows NØMADS performing their new… fear.

Watch the visuals and listen to ‘Phasmophobia’ below here.

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