Nightshifts is the moniker of a young producer and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto. I couldn’t think of a better choice for a name to give to your project, when you spend most of your nights playing around with vintage synths, groovy guitars and drum machines. Creating new music out of bizarre experiments that float into a new sonic universe. Out of this approach to production comes his new single, a gem titled ‘All Along’.

This is the first offering since Nightshifts’ first “success” in the music industry. “I remixed ‘Michicant’, by Bon Iver. He tweeted about me, sent me $2000 and released the song through Jagjaguwar”, says the artist. My ‘All Along’ track is a love song about having to wait for the right moment to tell someone how you feel. I wrote and recorded the track in my unfurnished apartment when I first moved downtown; just sitting on the floor with my guitar, mics, and synths. I crafted it to sound like it was created at the bottom of the sea.”

Take a note: Nightshifts will be releasing a single every month, over the next year. Listen to the mesmerising ‘All Along’ below here.

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