We wrote about Henry Jamison almost seven months ago, when his cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘If You Could Read My Mind’ was released. His debut album, ‘The Wilds’, is set to be released on October 27th via Akira Records, and it’s anticipated by a soulful, beautiful single, ‘The Last Time I Saw Adrianne’.

Jamison is descended from a long line of storytellers including John Gower, a 13th century poet and best friends with Chaucer & Richard II. A man sometimes referred to as “the first English poet“. “There’s definitely this bardic tradition in my family. – states the singer-songwriter – I don’t know how much any of it means, but I was handed a set of skills growing up, and I had to learn how to develop them on my own.” His brand new number is the final single taken from the forthcoming album and showcases Henry’s fine songwriting combined with an acoustic guitar soaked in a melancholic soundscape.
Listen to ‘The Last Time I Saw Adrianne’ and check tracklist and artwork for ‘The Wilds’ below here.

Henry Jamison - The Wilds

‘The Wilds’ – Tracklist

1. Bright & Future
2. The Wilds
3. The Jacket
4. Through A Glass
5. Sunlit Juice
6. Black Mountain
7. Dallas Love Field
8. Real Peach
9. Varsity
10. The Last Time I Saw Adrianne
11. The Rains
12. No One Told Me

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