Thomas Savage, aka Vilde, has announced the release of his last number as part of the collection ‘Study Dance’, due out on September 22nd but already available amongst streaming services. ‘Just Visiting’ is – sadly – the last episode of a series built track by track, with a release each month, that brought the ex Kins’ frontman in the media spotlight with a fine mix of alternative pop atmospheres.

Synths and Savage’s delicate vocals are blent together once again in this atmospheric and sophisticated number. ‘Just Visiting’ follows up to last  August’s instalment ‘Stimuli’ and – as mentioned above – will represent the final chapter of ‘Study Dance’, self-released by the artist who will be headlining London’s Sebright Arms on November 17th.

Listen to the new single, accompanied by a video directed and edited by Elin Ghersinich, below here.

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