London’s young artist Nilüfer Yanya has just released ‘Baby Luv’, her first offering since last July’s EP ‘Plant Feed’. The new single, out on Blue Flowers Music in the UK and ATO Records in the U.S.A., anticipates the artist’s first North American tour with stops in New York and LA.

Nilüfer emerged back in 2016 with a debut EP, ‘Small Crimes’, establishing herself as one of the shiniest stars in the British sky of songwriters and guitarists. She rapidly gained the praise of online magazines and communities, writing delicate tunes like the latest ‘Baby Luv’. “I’m still working out what this song means exactly. – she says about the track – There’s a lot of questioning going on , I keep asking myself the same question, but it has a different meaning each time I ask it and which I still don’t have an answer for.”

The 22 year old artist, who runs also a charitable organisation, Artists In Transit, with her sister Molly Daniel, will announce a new project in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, then, and in the meantime listen to her new number below.

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