It’s never been mystery: Otzeki are our favourites, here at Indie + Tonic. London’s electronic excellence, the duo comprised of Mike Sharp and Joel Roberts have announced the release of their third EP and shared their latest offering, ‘Sun Is Rising’.

Following up to the debut extended-play ‘Falling Out’ (2016), and the recent four-track ‘True Love’, the band anticipated the release of a bunch of new tracks during their first night of their residency at London’s Electrowerkz at the end of September. It felt to me like the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, for the two cousins who have grown up in the past two years altogether with their music.

‘Sun Is Rising’ is another conjuction of dreamy soundscapes with a deep soul voice, and it sounds to me like the perfect allegory. It identifies that moment when life happens, it starts again, when you reinvent yourself, pick up the pieces and move forward, towards new destinations. Lyrically enigmatic, musically hypnotic, Otzeki’s new number marks what I interpretate it to be a new beginning, the first step through a new path made of experimental soundscapes, soaked in beautifully crafted minimal electronic, ultimately blended with Mike’s soulful falsetto vocals and sharp bass lines. Needless to say, I just love it.

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