Minneapolis’s NADINE is a brand new project comprising of Nadia Hulett of Phantom Posse, and members of Ava Luna (Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez). The outfit has announced today the release date for the debut album ‘Oh My’, out via Memphis Industries (EU) and Father/Daughter Records (rest of the world) on January 26th, alongside with the release of ‘Ultra Pink’, the first cut.

Baked with the typical ingredients of indie pop, the track encompasses also more experimental elements, moving around catchy jazzy riffs and beautiful counterpoints that merge with Hulet’s warm vocals. “My body is filled with melodies and sonic textures, incubating and looping. – Nadia states when commenting the track and the album – My father was a club singer before I came around, and I still sing melodies I explored as a child, the big soul music my parents were into. Those tunes just come back and I’ll cut them up and place them with something new. Extracted from daydreams past, present & future. My mom says she has memories of me in the back of the car with a marker and paper asking her to spell out word by word lyrics to a song I was scheming up.”

Listen to ‘Ultra Pink below here, and check the artwork and tracklist for ‘Oh My’.


NADINE - Oh My‘Oh My’ – Tracklist

1. Nook
2. Ultra Pink
3. Plinth
4. Not My Kinda Movie
5. New Step
6. That Neon Sign
7. Pews
8. Contigo
9. Little Self In The Garden
10. Can’t Be Helped
11. Peace In The Valley

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