Brighton’s Thyla have shared their brand new cut, the follow up to last summer’s ‘Pristine Dream’ and ‘Ferries Wheels’. ‘Tell Each Other Lies’ is another dreamy tune soaked in catchy soundscapes that merge with euphoric, mesmerising vocals delivered by frontwoman Millie Duthie.

Coming from a couple of months spent sharing the stage with artists like Matt Maltese, Dream Wife and Trudy And The Romance, Thyla wrote a track that is “about the fear of confrontation; – they state – pretending everything’s dandy and skipping through life suppressing how you really feel for the sake of an easy ride. It’s about putting up with your loved one’s worst traits because you love them and you know they’ll never change, and it’s about coming to the realisation you wouldn’t want them to anyway”.

Listen to ‘Tell Each Other Lies’ below here.

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