Italian Klune are an electro-pop trio comprising of Giovanni Solimeno (vocals), Alberto Pagnin (production) and Giulio Abatangelo (guitars). After two years spent in the studio working on new material, here is ‘Nocturnal’, the second offering off the debut LP expected out in 2018.

The new track is a late-night chilled number that encompasses dark vibes and draws from contemporary pop influences of all kinds. “As the title suggest, – the outfit explains – ‘Nocturnal’ is one of the rapresentations of the LP main theme: night. It’s not something for the dance floor. It’s the soundtrack to play when you’re walking home, alone, surrounded by darkness, caressed by cold street lights.”

Listen to ‘Nocturnal’, already available in streaming and officially out on December 1st via Factory Flaws.

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