He makes music in his bedroom, alone, at night. At least this is what Gabriel Black states on his Facebook page. The artist, who surfaced last summer with the enigmatic, critically acclaimed ‘Sad Boy’, has now unveiled his latest offering, ‘Hurricane’, the perfect anti-love song that creates an ideal, yet unpredictable conjunction between emo, rock and hip-hop sensibilities.

Gabriel has so far instigated and facilitated a dialogue about mental health and other societal issues through the medium of his YouTube and social media profiles, even posting details of his own mobile number for fans to reach him directly. “I’m just staying true to how I feel in the moment. – Black says – Right now my songs come from a darker place. I didn’t think about other people at all honestly. I am honoured that people have reacted the way they have and that has been the most beautiful thing. It has given me a purpose.”

Listen to ‘Hurricane’, an unexpected gem at the end of this year.

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