Alabama’s Belle Adair – named after a John Steinbeck reference – have an album in the pipeline, ‘Tuscumbia’, out on January 19th. Taken from the forthcoming release is ‘Phantom Beach’, latest offering from the four-piece that, under Single Lock Records, will follow up to 2013’s ‘The Brave And The Blue’.

The new track keeps adding to the band’s signature sound, which is a compound of dreamy atmospheres and soft guitar riffs. ‘Phantom Beach’ finds a place in an album that is anticipated to highlight frontman Matt Green’s fight the “disconnect of being so far from home and living perpetually in transit”. It’s a track that depicts the band’s vocalist trying to reach out across the distance before he disappears entirely, and does so in a delicate portrait where Belle Adair’s spacious sounds makes once again reveals its variety of influences.

Listen to ‘Phantom Beach’ below here.

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