Matthew, Jacob, Hunter and Zachary are Faze Wave, Jacksonville, Florida’s four-piece that was formed a little more than three years ago. Following up to two EPs and ‘Melt’, the debut album self-released in 2016, the four-piece have now digitally shared a new instalment, the single ‘Leagues’, out on Canvasback Music.

The new track – premiered at MAGNET – was “inspired by desperation. – stated frontman Matt Flynn – I was looking for excuses to keep contact with a person that didn’t feel the same way as I did. I wrote this song without even realizing how I truly felt. But, when the lyrics finally came together, I actually understood that the relationship was over.” The new instalment is a journey just over four minutes, that moves quite quickly through a soundscape that encompasses lively guitar riffs and obsessive drum patterns.

Listen to the new track, and enjoy the official video that accompanies the new number below here.

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