A bunch of rambling boys”. That’s how Belmar, New Jersey’s Toy Cars describe themselves on their Facebook page. Their debut album is due out this Friday (self-released and funded by the band itself!), on January 12th. Taken from is this beautiful new instalment, ‘Erie’, that features vocals from Jenna Murphy (PRIM).

The new track, accompanied by an “unofficially official” video, blends together elements of indie pop, americana and emo influences, filling us with anticipation for the release of a full-length expected to be one of the breakout releases this month. “You’ve got iron lungs, I’ve got paper bones” frontman Matt Debenedetti sings as an opening line. Jenna Murphy responds soon: “A notion that I can’t shake. Whatever feels the worst is right. All that I have is luck inside my head.”

Watch the video for Toy Cars’ ‘Erie’ below here.

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