Sunderland siblings Peter and David Brewis are Field Music, and their new number, ‘Time In Joy’, has just been released off their forthcoming album. ‘Open Here’ is set to be released on February 2nd via British independent tastemakers Memphis Industries.

The new track is one of those funky explorations of space you really need to listen to, and I am going to say that right after I (almost) started dancing at my desk here in the office. It’s a song that doesn’t really glamourise with nowadays’ dark times, yet it shows how to have a good time in spite of them. Peter Brewis says about the release: “People have a sort of romanticised idea of feelings that are painful or dark, that they are more meaningful, but when I’ve been through dark times, I find that there isn’t a lot of romance in that, that I function better and get more meaning out of positive experiences. […] Fun in the face of hardship. We set out to have a good time making this record, in spite of everything”.

Listen to Field Music’s new brilliant offering below.

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