Brooklyn via Seattle queer dream folk band Tenderfoot have shared a new instalment off the debut album – ‘Break Apart’ – set to be released on February 2nd. ‘Semiprecious Life’ follows up to the title-track shared last December, of which we talked at the very beginning of the year (here).

The new number is somehow magical, inspired in part by frontman Adam Kendall Wood’s existential crisis, and recorded in Seattle studio that is no longer existing as a building (construction noises bleeding through the walls made it as “special guests” into the recording). ‘Semiprecious Life’ encompasses the dreamy elements of Tenderfoot’s delicate folk soundscapes, blending them with hints of ambient and dream pop. The result is another banger that fills with anticipation for the forthcoming album due out via Porchlight Records.

Find artwork and tracklist for ‘Break Apart’ and listen to the new single below.

Tenderfoot - Break Apart‘Break Apart’ – Tracklist

1. Break Apart
2. 32 Years
3. Give It A Rest
4. Getting There
5. Semiprecious Life
6. Palms
7. Something Else
8. Other Side of Love


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