Former Supergrass’ drummer Danny Goffey (who also toured with Babyshambles in 2010) has unveiled today his brand new single, ‘Ancient Text’, out via Distiller Records and co-produced with long-time collaborator Simon Byrt.

The new number is an immediate and vibrant piece of indie rock ‘n roll that suddenly wakes up on acid guitar riffs and “embodies the zeitgeist in calling for a more tolerant society in the face of the developing world”. Speaking about the track, Goffey states: The inspiration behind ‘Ancient Text’ is all around us, in the news every day. It is inescapable. Every day a terrible event happens in the name of religion, and it’s heartbreaking when innocent people are caught up in the destruction. Give up the Ancient Text.”

Danny is back after his debut solo album ‘Take Your Jacket Off & Get Into It’, released under the moniker vangoffey, gaine huge praise. ‘Ancient Text’ anticipates what this 2018 would be for one of the most influential British rockers of our times. Listen below.

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