Swedish dream pop excellence The Radio Dept. have shared their brand new single, first effort released under their very own new label, Just So!. “Yes, we’re finally indie for real”, the outfit stated in their latest press release. ‘Your True Name’ marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band who released in 2016 their first full-length since 2010, ‘Running Out of Love’.

The single leaves on a side the dancefloor vibes of their last LP and grows on an indie pop set of vibrations that results in a fuzzy combinations of guitar riffs. The Radio Dept. stated about the release of the new number: “It’s a song about faith in a way, not divine but utopian, believing in something that will probably never be. And it’s about falling short, sometimes with your goal just barely out of reach.”

Listen to ‘Your True Name’ below here.


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