You write it LeyeT, you pronounce it “light”. LA-based indie pop project, LeyeT is a talented singer-songwriter who made her debut back in 2017 with the brilliant single ‘Don’t Make Me Cry’, followed by three more numbers. First release of this new year is ‘Drip Drop’, another slice of modernly conceived pop that will help the artist making a name for herself.

LeyeT stated about the track: “This song came about during a time of personal heartbreakā€¦during what truly felt like the most painful thing I had yet to feel. In my mind, I pictured the weight of that feeling to be somewhat like being pummeled by waves and the journey of healing to be a slow, continual process that is a relentless cycle of drip/flood/drip until one day it all finally stops and you can see over the waves.”

“Drip drop drip drop the sound of my heart”… Listen to the brilliant pop gem below here.

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