East Anglian duo Amethysts have unveiled their brand new single, officially out this Friday yet already available through digital platform. ‘Be There’ marks the return for the outfit comprised of Clarice and Simon and keeps adding layers to a signature sound that is soaked in fine alt-pop.

The duo spent their second half of 2017 hidden in their rural studio, in the heart of eastern countryside. Clarice’s velvety voice stands out in a track that unfolds its 6/8 time with unpredictable drum patterns and deep bass lines.  “‘Be There’ – says Simon – explores and conveys the passion and ambition in us both, lyrically and musically. After an evening of jamming, its 6/8 time signature and catchy vocal line just fell into place within a few hours. It’s the first song we’ve written in 6/8. Clarice took to writing the lyrics from an optimistic yet emotional place hoping it would help to self heal during a personal family affair”.

Listen to Amethysts’ compelling new number below here.

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