Bristolian The Ramona Flowers have shared their brand new instalment, ‘Same Sun’, first number of 2018, via Distiller Records. The band keep building nocturnal soundscapes, exploring their darkest sides on a track that draws immediate comparisons to M83’s earlier production, in between electronica and pop/rock.

Frontman Steve Bird says about the track: “‘Same Sun’ is about passing through a place you feel you don’t belong to – feeling like an outsider, but realising that ultimately it doesn’t matter because we are all a part of something bigger.”

Following up to the release of their first two albums, the band gained increasing praise and played to crowds all around the world, attracting the attention of U2’s Bono who enlisted the producer behind the band’s ‘Lust And Lies’ EP for the recent ‘Songs Of Experience’. Listen to ‘Same Sun’ here.

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