London’s Organised Scum are Tom Duggins (vocals, guitar), Tom Williams (bass) and Sean Canty (drums). The alt-rock outfit released their first number of 2018 a few days ago. ‘Unborn Cars’ is a direct reference to Werner Herzog’s documentary about the internet (“Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World”), in which a GoogleX employee makes reference to “unborn cars” of the future, a turn of phrase that bemused vocalist Tom, who says: “if you dare to ask who created our social world, then you’re in the territory of being told that cars are born, and that that our society is a natural outcome of forces beyond our control”.

‘Unborn Cars’ unfolds in about four minutes of sharp arrangements and hints of Britpop, soaked in alt-rock atmospheres that result in a peculiar soundscape. Listen below.


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