Enigmatic newcomers, Altopalo are a four-piece coming from the underground scene of New York, comprised of of singer Rahm Silverglade, guitarist Mike Haldeman, with Jesse Blelenber and Dillon Treacy. Their brand new single, ‘Blur’, is a part of a double release which includes another track, ‘Frozen Away’, and teases the release of a debut album that is expected to be unlike anything else in the commercial landscape.

The new number does away with the more traditional song structures and hooks, and focused on building a peculiar world for the listener, where a story of a romance developing distorted through the dehumanising digital devices we use every day is told. Experimental soundscapes interlace in a space filled with electronic, reverberated vibes and a touch of avant-garde oriental flavour.

Listen to Altopalo’s ‘Blur’ here, out now via Samedi Records.

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