Transylvanian producer Jinka has just shared her brand new instalment, ‘Countdown Forever’, the follow-up to her latest number – ‘Shock Mounted’ – released last December. The new track is a colourful picture of well-crafted trip pop, ideal to be consumed alongside the first drink of the weekend, on a Friday evening after a long week.

“‘Countdown Forever’ is about an illusional state of infinite hedonistic experience. – Jinka explains – The title is paradoxical. But just because something is paradoxical it doesn’t mean you can’t explore the idea of it. I think, what I generally do when I’m writing is that I try to take a different perspective on the mundane, dip crude reality into some sort of surreal glossing, romanticise it without smoothening the contours.”

Relax, tune in now, and listen to ‘Countdown Forever’ below here.

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