There are tunes that enter your mind almost instantly, and there remain, stuck, playing over and over again. And there’s not much you can do about it. I’m not entirely sure why, yet Pizzagirl sounds somehow special. His latest offering, ‘Seabirds’ – the last instalment taken from his forthcoming EP, ‘An Extended Play’, out on Heist Or Hit next Friday – highlights once more the sensibility of an artist who has all it takes to make a name for himself.

The new track follows the path started with his previous singles ‘Favourite Song’, ‘Carseat’ and ‘Coffee Shop’. It’s soaked in atmospheres that draws from vibes typical of the ’80s, blended with soothing synth patterns and lo-fi soundscapes.

“Wear your freshest life jacket, full steam ahead as we travel at unlimited speeds to the shore of internet, you might become a little woozy from melancholy as you are slippin’ and slidin’ through the radio waves to search for the birds of the digital sea!”

Press play, ‘Seabirds’ is a must-listen.

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