Hartlepool’s quartet PLAZA have signed a deal with Clue Records, and shared their latest instalment, the glacial post-indie ‘In The Know’. Two years of consistent growth – from the release of their first single ‘Totem’ back in 2016 – saw the four-piece forging a characteristic sound and adding layers to their production, with an eye on a future that now more than ever seem to be bright.

“When you feel like the world is watching you, and that you know too much –it’s all going to turn out okay in the end” is the message behind PLAZA’s new single. “It is inspirational being from up here,” explains vocalist Brad Lennard, “I feel like the north east has influenced me to graft harder for what you want, it seems like it is a harder slog up here, you feel like you’re a little isolated. But then in a way that’s a great thing, it’s meant the community has come together to create one loved up scene.”

Listen to this post-indie gem below here.

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