Henry Jamison‘s sophomore album, ‘Gloria Duplex’, is set to be released next February via Akira Records, just over a year after the release of the impressive debut ‘The Wilds’. The artist just released ‘Ether Garden’, the third single taken from the forthcoming new studio work.

The new cut, a soulful concentrate of beautifully crafted melodies and Jamison’s signature vocals, seems to have a peculiar link to the rest of the record. As Henry states, its relationship to ‘Gloria Duplex’ “is basically one of being a depth below the problems the other songs address, the depth at which an actual change could happen.” The track, in fact, suggests that there is hope to alter behaviours typical of the youngsters, as described in ‘Boys’ and ‘Gloria’, the first two chapters taken from his full-length and released by the artist.

Listen to ‘Ether Garden’ below here, and check artwork and tracklist for the LP out on February 8th, 2019.

Tracklist – ‘Gloria Duplex’

1. Gloria
2. Boys
3. Ether Garden
4. True North
5. Florence Nightingale
6. The Magic Lantern
7. Stars
8. Beauty Sleep
9. American Babes
10. In March
11. Reading Days
12. Darkly

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