Breathtaking is the word that comes up to my mind when listening to Luke Sital-Singh‘s latest offering, ‘The Last Day’. Released at the end of last month, the single anticipates the artist’s UK mini-tour, which will kick off in a matter of days.

Luke plays with his imagination, depicting the feelings of his last day alive, and beautifully crafts hope and light out of the embracing of mortality. “I like writing about the heavy things. – states the singer-songwriter – There’s a lot of shallow stuff out there and that’s fine for a certain context. My fun is diving as deep as I can.” And again: “I had no intention of writing another song about death. I guess that’s just the happy fun-time guy that I am. I like how a song about the end is coming out first. Putting everything in perspective again as a new phase begins.”

Watch the video for ‘The Last Day’ below here, and make sure you catch Luke Sital-Singh live, before his re-location to LA in early 2019.

UK Tour, December 2018
Wed 5 Brighton Unitarian Church
Fri 7 Manchester Sacred Trinity
Mon 10 Bristol Rough Trade, UK
Wed 12 London St Pancras Old Church


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