London’s own singer-songwriter Sasha has shared a brand new track, titled ‘Ouch!’. Drawing influences from the likes of Rae Morris and The Japanese House, the young artist plays with shiny electro-pop vibrations, strengthen by a meticulous production which puts euphoric choruses and sharp lyricism at the forefront.

Critically acclaimed, Sasha’s previous releases ‘Waterworks’ and ‘Not Your Problem’, witnessed the growth of her reputation among online communities and on the live scene (with a number of sold-out London shows). Speaking of the single, the talented newcomer stressed: “It’s about knowing deep down that a situation is eventually going to hurt you, but seeing things through rose-tinted glasses at the time. And then kicking yourself when everything goes to shit because you saw it coming from the start. Tragic!”

Listen to ‘Ouch!’ below here.

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