Meet our new obsession. San Scout are a London-based duo who write, produce and perform their gender-bending, experimental indie-pop going beyond the standard practice. One EP in the books, together with a number of singles released in the past couple of years, the duo have released their brand new single, ‘Soap’, as part of a conceptual VR-based campaign titled ‘The Pharmacy’. Created by designer Yuma Burgess, it stands as a way to explain the topical concept of music as a prescription drug.

This Orwellian fully-interactive virtual world (have a look here) portraits an unattended pharmacy in the middle of nowhere. “Pills” of Spotify or Facebook are one click away, as well as other elements that will help the user discover the San Scout world, penetrating its halo of mystery. ‘Soap’, the first song released by the band, is a stunning example of melodies combined to euphoric choruses, all in a bedroom-sized soundscape that will soon leave you speechless. Last October, read a few notes about the project, the duo caught the attention of Emma Breschi, who asked them to write the music for her Vivienne Westwood ‘Creatives’ Campaign.

Here is one of those acts we will put on top of our “ones to watch” list for 2019. Enjoy ‘Soap’, in the meantime, below here.

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