Stoner borrows its name from John Williams’ classic novel and tells stories that penetrate fears and concerns around relationships, death and the process of dying. The debut single ‘Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise’, investigate these interactions with mortality balancing elements of blues, subtle psychedelia and ambient soundscapes.

“‘Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise’ is about returning home and dealing with a parent who was very fearful of death,” explains Stoner, who wrote the song after watching a documentary about proto-punk icon Wilko Johnson and his battle with terminal cancer. In fact, the track unfolds like a funeral match, building to dramatic peaks when it reaches the climax. Emotionally deep lyrics finally resonate with that fear of the unknown that death carries within its complexity.

Listen to ‘Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise’ below here. And read the story of William Stoner, if you haven’t done it, yet.

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