‘Pizza For Christmas’ is Pizzagirl‘s festive tune, out now via Heist or Hit. All its proceeds from sales via Bandcamp go to Claire House Children’s Hospice (learn more here). 

Fresh from releasing his ‘season 2’ EP (listen to it here), Pizzagirl delivers another slice of delicate and introspective indie pop, soaked in his signature lo-fi/bedroom vibes and made it special by a clever use of simple melodic patterns.

The artist explains about the track: “The winter winds have destroyed your phone line, the internet’s down and you’re snowed in, PLUS your baby can’t make it this Christmas. You slump to your freezer after burning that turkey you slaved over and it finally hits you, you’re eating Pizza for Christmas”.

Listen to Pizzagirl’s new tune here. Also, should want to know more about pizza and Christmas, and whether the two things can be put in the same sentence, the answer is in a hilariously iconic scene from one of the best Christmas movie ever made, at least in my humble opinion. The moment when a cheeky Kevin McAllister, in Home Alone, decides to prank a definitely less bright pizza boy with a VHS player and a TV remote. That’s what I immediately thought about, reading the title of this track.

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