We might have missed it while getting ready to wrap up our 2018 and celebrate the beginning of the new year: please, take our apologies. Sunnbrella released a new cut, ‘Nick Hornby’, via Peekaboo Luv. later last month. The new number marks a drift from shoegazey and guitar-driven atmospheres to a more danceable and catchy bedroom pop.

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Wanted Times’, due out later this month, ‘Nick Hornby’ blends romanticism and melancholia, opening a window on delicate lo-fi soundscapes and poppy guitars that serve as perfect outfit to the artist’s almost detached vocals. Behind the moniker of Sunnbrella hides a Prague-born singer-songwriter now based in London, whose sound comes out of his bedroom.

Sunnbrella is among the ones to keep an eye on, this year. In the meantime, listen below.

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