Dutch artist Micha de Jonge has released the first single of 2019 under the moniker of Kita Menari. ‘Pretty Sure’ is an infectious synth-pop tune that builds on 80s-guitar grooves, ostinato drum patterns and the artist’s falsetto choruses.

The story behind Kita Menari is quite peculiar. It was a near-death experience that gave the project its name, as the artist was scuba diving in Malaysia and his tank got jammed underwater. Micha had to race to the surface on his final breath of air. When he woke up, the day after, he noticed the words ‘Kita Menari’ scribbled on a piece of paper found in his pocket. The two words mean ‘we dance’, in Malay. “As soon as I found out I thought ‘that’s it’! From now on that is going to be the motto of my songwriting”, the artist said.

The new single combines atmospheres that draw influences from early MGMT and Passion Pit. Micha explains: “The song revolves about a common conversation I have with myself: whether or not what I’m doing creatively is good enough, and the fear of letting that feeling go. […] It’s like having an angel on one shoulder telling you to go for it while a demon sits on the other telling you it’s not good enough.”

Listen to ‘Pretty Sure’ below here. Kita Menari will play at their most important show to date at EurosonicNoordeslag/ESNS in Groningen on January 19th.

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