Swedish musician and producer Julia Rakel releases today her debut single via Rama Lama Records, and this is the first cut taken from a six-track EP set to be released on March 15th. ‘PDFILWM’ is a peculiar bedroom pop tune, and is an acronym for Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me.

A refined production stands out since the very beginning of a lo-fi journey just over three minutes, where Julia seems to take the listener by the hand and start colourful explorations of familiar spaces. A sophisticated soundscape is the ideal scenario for the artist’s intimate lyrics. “This song is a sad one, with happy wrappings. – stated Julia – A celebration of friendships yet also a lament about the hardships of losing someone dear. All in E major. With quite lame wind instruments and anticlimactic choruses, I’ve tried to create something beautiful out of something difficult.”

Listen to this little gem of lo-fi and pop sensibilities below here.

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