Bridie Monds-Watson is SOAK. She announced the release of her highly anticipated second album, ‘Grim Town’, set to be released via Rough Trade Records on April 26th. A new single, ‘Knock Me Off My Feet’, accompanied the announcement.

The brand new single is a love letter to lawlessness and freedoms of small-town culture, as well as a more cslautrophobic dimension and qualities. Says Bridie: “you can be the best person to yourself, and the worst person to yourself” anticipating a theme that will be explored intensely across the ambitious and brave forthcoming album. If debut ‘Before We Forgot How To Dream’ was conceived more as a time-capsule of innocence, ‘Grim Town’ is more about “what happens next”, meaning adulthood and that world that, at the end of the day, is not like they had been telling you.

The new single is out with its official video. Watch it now.

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