Vancouver’s Mesa Luna is the brainchild of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Justice McLellan. Following up to 2018’s single ‘Feel Nothing’, here is the brand new track ‘Dispel’, released a few days ago and new appetiser to the debut LP ‘Lash’, set to be released on March 22nd via Afterlife Music.

The number is a fresh slice of dream-pop, crafted around immediate riffs of reverberated guitars and sharp bass lines. One of those tracks that ends up being played on repeat. Justice states: “Dispel is about wanting to push someone away who is pushing you away when you both want to be with each other and be happy but both parties are unsure and not putting their whole selves in.

The artist, who has been working over the past year along with ACTORS’ Jason Corbett, is now ready to take the scene with his project. Mesa Luna’s hazy atmospheres and distantly melancholic soundscape are one of the most awaited things this year.

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