With the new album, ‘Gloria Duplex’, just about to be released via Akira Records, Henry Jamison just shared another single taken from the studio album, ‘American Babes’. The new cut, where Henry’s vocals are encapsulated in a soundscape that is built on delicate piano and guitars, suggests a deeper reflection into the society the artist described in his previously released ‘Boys’ and ‘Gloria’.

“The verses are about a group of students that I saw on the train from New York to Vermont years ago and about a homeless man who I talked to once in Baltimore. – Henry states – The juxtaposition isn’t totally worked-out, but it’s loosely about young people who still feel some trust in institutions and an old man who felt utterly failed by them. When the structures of our lives crash down, what can we lean on?”

Listen to ‘American Babes’ here.

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