Blaenavon broke their wall of silence a few days ago. Frontman Ben Gregory posted on the band’s social media channels a painfully sincere letter to all his fans, explaining in detail what the last twelve months have been for himself and for the band. The British indie rock three-piece are now back with an introspective and boisterous new single, ‘Catatonic Skinbag’, taken from ‘Everything That Makes You Happy’, the second album for the band set to be released later this year.

“The song is about isolation, – explains Gregory – Cutting oneself off from the world to engage in fruitless sensual pleasures and pretending everything is ok. Watching fucking Netflix and drinking a bottle of wine when you should probably instead be in therapy. But there’s a way out. Art, friendship, love. You don’t have to be a catatonic skinbag. Lol.”

The new single fills us with anticipation for the return of an act that emerged as one of the most interesting ones following the publication of the debut LP, 2017’s ‘That’s Your Lot’. Listen to the new track below, and learn more about Ben’s statement, from Blaenavon’s Facebook page.

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