Mike Kinsella’s American Football have shared their second cut off the forthcoming third self-titled LP. ‘Uncomfortably Numb’, the new single, opens the door of the Illinois-based band to Paramore’s Hayley Williams, one of the special guests who collaborated with the indie emo outfit to the realisation of the third full-length.

The new track follows up to last December’s ‘Silhouettes’ and perfectly reflects American Football’s signature sound, that encompasses a rich rhythmic section, as well as Kinsella’s usual sharp architecture of guitar arpeggios. The frontman’s songwriting is as genuine as expected, and sees American Football writing some sort of confession, that hits the listener as a cold blow of wind. Hayley Williams’ pristine voice adds value to a self-portrait of a man who needs to face the reality and the responsibilities of fatherhood.

Sensitivity deprived
I can’t feel a thing inside
I blamed my father in my youth
Now as a father, I blame the booze
I have become uncomfortably numb

The new single is accompanied by a video. Watch it below here.

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