London’s Nilüfer Yanya has announced the release of her debut album, ‘Miss Universe’, which is due out on March 22nd via ATO Records. The young artist has also shared a new song from the full-length, ‘In Your Head’, accompanied by a video.

The new track is an energetic combination of influences and genres. Nilüfer playful vocals move around reaching unexpected peaks, encapsulated in a cloud of indie rock vibes. The build-up leads to a subsequential explosion that showcases the talent of an artist able to impersonate the ideal character of a powerful singer-songwriter.

She stated about the new cut: “Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me and I get trapped. There’s the things I need disguised as things I think I only want, things I think I’m choosing out of choice not necessity… I think that’s what I wrote the song about, but what’s interesting to me, and what I think I was trying to get at, is the illusion of freedom.”

Watch the video below.

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