Faux Pas are Ru Cowl (vocals, guitar) Lewis Egdell (guitar), and Joey Leyland (drums), and their brand new single, ‘TV Made Me Paranoid’, is a sarcastic, slacker-grunge tune that would perfectly fit an alt-rock mixtape put together at least two decades ago.

With hints of emocore, punk and punchy guitars, the Manchester-based trio brings to us a track inspired by the TV-addicted childhood of frontman Ru Cowl. “It kinda blew my mind how totally bizarre adverts are, all aiming to get you hard, all hyper produced, – he states – selling total crap… At the same time I had been watching a show called Bojack Horseman and it got me thinking about the brutality of pretty much any entertainment industry. There’s this really killer line in the third episode about how no one will love this has been as she turns 30, my head just started chugging at that thought.”

Devoted to a DIY approach, Faux Pas are celebrating the release of their vibrant new single with a UK Tour, which will end with a cruise-gig en route from Hull to Rotterdam/Amsterdams. Listen to ‘TV Made Me Paranoid’ below.

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