Stoner‘s brand new single, ‘The Anteroom’, follows up to ‘Ultra Lite Midlife Paradise’ released last December as the debut track of a project that borrows its name from John Williams’ classic novel ‘Stoner’. The new cut pays homage to the tradition of British alternative music, bringing to our ears a rhythm section in upbeat surrounded by luscious strings and spacious melodies.

The track smartly tackles one of the most debated topics of the past couple of years, the infamous Brexit referendum. Stoner describes it as a “very British Suicide” and depicts its facets through the meta-play of a… Peppa Pig episode. The ability of the artists in creating another sharp and captivating piece of art is what stands out the most, and makes me think of Stoner as one of the most interesting names to follow this year. An infantilisation of the referendum”, ‘The Anteroom’ is an easy-to-read flash of what the turmoil Brexit cause means today. It derides the “un-navigated, unmitigated rudderless dream, and the almost child-like petulance of the impatient territorialism of identity and ownership, that somehow, in the end, we will achieve and live in a distilled utopia of British values, when really it’s just regressive isolation- a waiting room of uncertainty.”

Listen below.

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